Fraudsters know that you are busy and are capitalizing on catching you off guard.  If you see an email from ANY financial institution, CRA, or Credit Card company you deal with in your inbox, asking for money, trying to give you free money or asking you to reset your account, just delete it!  We would never send communication […]


Whatever the excuse (and there is ALWAYS an excuse!), overpayment scams are very common!  Here is an actual example of one that just occurred at a Winnipeg Credit Union (names/location are deleted to ensure privacy): Please be advised that a Credit Union member, who owns a small independent cleaning company, was contacted by an individual in another province who […]


If you are asked to accept a CRA Interac® E-Transfer deposit: CRA would never send payment outside of a cheque or direct deposit so if you receive something like this, it is not legitimate.


It has been reported to our credit union that criminals are sending out fraudulent Email Money Transfers, and installing malware upon opening of the email. They can be identified by the recipient because the Sender (*) is not known to the recipient, there is no “To:” and the “Deposit Required” link when cursured over does […]


These scams will always tell you that you have unexpectedly ‘won” a prize, that you have no recollection of ever entering.  As well, it could be by random email, etc.  A standard rule of thumb is:  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  If you ever have to pay money to someone […]


Reprinted from the Canadian Bankers Association website: Whether you’re on a vacation at a resort, waiting in the airport or sitting in a coffee shop, it’s often possible to connect to the Internet through a wireless network provided by the property owner. Sometimes these will be offered for a small fee and sometimes they will […]


Debit Card terminals are supposed to be within the customers view.  Many retailers have bolted them directly to the registers to eliminate tampering or to at least damper the chances of easily removing/switching the terminal.  If they are not bolted down, ask to be able to view it.  If something does not look right, don’t […]


There are once again several companies (VISA and Mastercard) who are being misrepresented by fraudsters who claim to be “Loss Provision Security Officers”.  They will not ask for your card number most times (as the number and your address and name are already in their possession).  They will sound professional and tell you to call the number on the back […]



The Winnipeg Police Credit Union values your privacy-we do not sell, trade or forward your email address or name to anyone.

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