Banking Online-Protect yourself

Many people feel that nothing bad will happen to them, and that if they are compromised, they will be covered, which is not the case in all circumstances.  The onus is always on the person who has been compromised to ensure that they did all they could in order to protect their privacy and not to be complacent.

Be Aware, Be Diligent, Protect Yourself!

Here are things that you should and need to do every time you go online:

-Clear your cache after each online banking session

-Clear your history after each online banking session

-DO NOT use the automatic password-save features

-You should not bookmark or add to favourites the online banking website; links should be typed in each time

-Do NOT use wireless networks in public places, like internet cafes, for online banking transactions, security on these networks are never guaranteed.

-Do NOT use a laptop or PC that is not your own personal computer for online banking transactions; computers used should always be under your control.

-Log out and close browser if walking away from your computer for any length of time.

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