Card Skimming

Debit Card Skimming is the result of the information stored on the back of your card being copied, then reproduced.  There are many ways that you can protect yourself from having your debit card comprimised:

  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN from onlookers when you are conducting transactions at a bank machine or at the point-of-sale
  • Never let your Debit Card out of your sight when conducting a debit transaction at the point-of-sale. Point of Sales machines should be stored where you can view them to ensure your card is not being double-swiped. Always remember to take your Card and transaction record with you once your transaction is completed
  • Regularly check your statements to verify all transactions have been properly documented. If entries do not accurately reflect transaction activities (e.g. if there are missing or additional transactions), you should contact us immediately.
  • If your Debit Card is lost, stolen or retained by a bank machine, notify us at 204-944-1033 immediately upon becoming aware of the problem.  In the event we are closed, please call 1-877-764-3693 in Canada, or 1-905-764-3693 Internationally.
  • Your Debit Card and PIN are the keys to your account(s). Never disclose your PIN to anyone or you could be liable for losses. You are the only person who should know it-EVER.
  • Memorize your PIN. If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, change it immediately or notify us as soon as possible.
  • When selecting your PIN, never use obvious information. You could be liable for losses if you create your Password by using easily guessed numbers such as your telephone number, date of birth, address or social insurance number, or if you write your PIN on your card.

In any case, notify us as soon as you can if you suspect that your card has been comprimised.  We will deactivate it and reissue one to you to minimize any losses.

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Lost or stolen MasterCard: 1-800-567-8111

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