If You Suspect Fraud

Identity fraud is the stealing of personal information and then using it illegally.

If you think you are a victim of identity fraud, please contact us immediately at 204-944-1033.  Also contact any other financial institutions you deal with and cancel your cards.  Contact both credit bureau’s (Transunion @ 1-866-525-0262 and Equifax @ 1-800-465-7166).

Once thieves have enough personal information, whether they have gotten it from unshredded documents in your trash, by stealing your purse or wallet, or gather information that you have posted on the Internet, they may change your address with creditors and apply for new loans or credit cards in your name. You may not be aware of the theft of your identity until months or years have passed.

You can take certain basic steps to protect yourself from identity fraud:

  • Protect your personal information. Do not give your account information to anybody, whether in person, over the phone, or online, unless you are confident that you are sure who you are dealing with. Do not carry your Social Insurance Number card in your wallet unless it is necessary.
  • Memorize your passwords and bank machine Secret Code. Don’t write down your bank machine Code or your Online Banking password. If you must write these down, keep them in a safe place and do not carry them in your wallet or purse. Never give this information to anybody, even a WPCU employee. Our employees will never ask you for this information so be suspicious of anybody asking for it.
  • Report thefts and losses immediately. If your wallet or purse is stolen, or if you think you’ve lost it, contact us at 204-944-1033 to block your cards from use.
  • Shred or tear up junk mail and statements. If you don’t want a pre-approved credit card offer, tear it up or shred it. Identity fraud often occurs by thieves going through trash looking for these offers. As well, tear up or shred any personal information you are going to throw away, such as your bank statements.
  • Review your account statements. Ensure that all transactions on your statement are genuine. Report suspicious transactions immediately to us at 204-944-1033.
  • Review your credit report. At least once each year, contact both Credit Bureau’s (TransUnion and Equifax) to check the accuracy of your credit report.  They are available free from the bureau’s by mail once a year or for a fee online.
  • Protect your bank machine PIN. When entering your PIN at an ATM machine, position yourself to block others from observing you enter your PIN. Stay alert when you are using an ATM by yourself.
  • Protect your credit cards. Sign credit cards as soon as you receive them. Cancel inactive cards and don’t lend your credit cards to anybody.

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