Stanley R. Scarr

Annual Scholarship

Description & Qualifications


The annual scholarship program was established in November 2006 in recognition of the extraordinary level of commitment and dedication of Stanley R. Scarr, who retired from the Board of Directors of the Winnipeg Police Credit Union after having served 43 years and 9 months as a director, including 29 years as President.


The scholarship program is available to ALL WPCU members, including the direct family members of WPCU directors, management and staff, who meet the qualifications. A scholarship of $500 will be awarded to the two top applicants who are pursuing a degree or certification at a university or college in Canada. Awards are based on the courses taken and the academic achievement of the applicants as outlined in the scholarship qualifications.




  1. The applicant must be a member of the Winnipeg Police Credit Union for a minimum of two years and conduct business with the credit union;
  2. The applicant must have completed at least one full year of university or college and a minimum of four courses in the prior year;
  3. The applicant must submit a fully completed scholarship application by the prescribed deadline;
  4.  Besides the qualification listed above, the grade point average and the nature of courses being taken will be important factors in selecting the successful candidates.


 Scholarship Application & Award Process:


  1. WPCU will inform members about the scholarship program in May each year by way of the credit union’s monthly newsletter and web site
  2. Scholarship applications will be available at the Winnipeg Police Credit Union and on the WPCU web site.
  3. Applicants must complete and submit a scholarship application in a form and manner prescribed by the WPCU Board of Directors and submit a photocopy of their original transcript of marks from their previous year of university or college along with a brief commentary on their career and/or educational goals. NOTE: Web-based transcripts will not be accepted.
  4. The deadline for submitting applications will be June 30th each year
  5. Scholarship applications will be adjudicated by a panel consisting of three senior WPCU personnel who have no family connection to any scholarship applicants to ensure unbiased decisions.
  6. Successful applicants will be informed in writing of their award. The funds will be deposited to their account at WPCU.
  7. WPCU will seek the permission from the successful applicants to publish their name and photo in the credit union’s newsletter and on the WPCU website. Applicants have the right to refuse this request, in which case there will be no publication of the applicant’s name and/or photo.



Winnipeg Police Credit Union


Stanley R. Scarr Scholarship Program


Scholarship Application


For members of the Winnipeg Police Credit Union who are qualifying students

attending a University or College in Canada




NAME:                                   ______________________________________________________


WPCU Member/Acct No:      _______________


ADDRESS:                             __________________________________




UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE:            ______________________________________________________


FACULTY/AREA OF STUDIES:            ________________________________________________


CAREER/EDUCATIONAL GOALS:             __________________________________________











(IMPORTANT: Please attach a photocopy of your original transcript of marks from the prior year’s attendance at a University or College. Please note that web-based transcripts will not be accepted.)

Please submit your application and transcript to the attention of:

Diane Hammerling
Digital Marketing & Member Communications Officer
300 William Avenue
Winnipeg, MB    R3A 1P9


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