Online and Telephone Banking – Bill Payment Service Interruption


The bill payment functionality on the INTERNET AND TELEPHONE BANKING IS NOW UP AND RUNNING.

Please ensure you check the accuracy of your individual biller account numbers before paying them. If you notice your biller account numbers are not correct you can correct them on your own or call the credit union and we can correct them for you.


Any pre-existing (prior to July 17/18) RECURRING OR POST-DATED bill payments that you had set up on the system are now lost. Members need to re-setup those recurring or post-dated payments on the new system.

The system was changed to accomodate our future website upgrade.


WPCU is currently working on a new and exciting website upgrade, this will allow us to implement many new features our members have shared with us that they would like to see. With this change however we will no longer be able to provide the following bill payment functions; 1) Telpay "Funds Transfer" – which is within the bill payment functionality and allows you to pay any person if that person provides you with their personal bank account information (there is a 50cent fee associated with this type of bill payment) and 2) Telpay "Pay Anyone"- which is within the bill payment functionality and allows you to pay any vendor/biller even if they do not appear on the Telpay biller listing (there is a $1.25 fee associated with this type of bill payment). 3) Corporate Government Bill Payments – which is within the bill payment functionality. The option to pay these bills will no longer be avaliable online; An example of a Corporate government bill payment would be CRA Source Deductions payments. Business members will be able to pay all corporate government payments in person – over the counter at either of our branches. Our new host does not offer these bill payment functions so WPCU was not able to retain this for our members. We do offer Interac e-Transfers, which are a quick and easy way to send money to recipients outside of the credit union. The Telpay ‘Funds Transfer’, ‘Pay Anyone’, and Coporate CRA functions will be lost before the end of July 2018 .  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call at (204) 944-1033. We would be happy to discuss available options to ensure you do not have a negative online banking experience.



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