Executor Ease

Have you been named as an executor for someone’s estate?

Are you comfortable with your role as the executor? 

Would you be interested in learning more about being an executor before you really get started? 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above OR if you think you will ever be in the position of having to act as an executor…… the following information may benefit you or someone you know. 

 The Winnipeg Police Credit Union in partnership with Concentra Trust, a system partner and credit union company, can offer the EXECUTOR EASE service. Concentra Trust is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concentra Financial. They have been providing estate administration services for nearly 60 years.  Click An Executors Guide to Settling an Estate for some basic information on what is expected.

 Being named Executor is a serious commitment. Executors are legally obligated to ensure Estate assets are located, protected and properly disbursed; debts, liabilities and taxes identified and paid; and beneficiaries kept informed and treated fairly throughout the administration of the Estate. 

Acting as an executor can be a very tough job; many people who accept this role don’t fully understand all the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that come with it.  Click Executor Checklist for a basic checklist of duties to perform.

EXECUTOR EASE is a program designed to assist Executors fulfill their role in administering an Estate. EXECUTOR EASE is a no cost, no obligation estate consultation service offered by Concentra Trust. Through the program the Estate Specialists at Concentra Trust provide you with cost-effective support, based on your unique needs, level of experience and comfort. Executors are free to choose the services they need assistance with and maintain full control throughout the process.  Click Executor Ease Brochure or visit us in branch for a brochure to help explain the process to you.

 The Estate administration specialists at Concentra fully understand legislative requirements, processes and potential pitfalls that executors often face. This is their business.

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