Automatic Budgeting

Do you have a hard time saving for periodic expenses like Christmas, auto insurance, vacations, education, or property taxes? Need help with something that’s important but usually boring – budgeting? Winnipeg Police Credit Union offers members a unique budgeting program that offers two key benefits – it's automatic and it’s FREE!

The first step is to arrange for your pay cheque to be deposited automatically to your Winnipeg Police Credit Union account. We will be happy to help you set up the direct deposit of your pay cheque. It’s easy and painless!

You determine what your periodic expenses are and how much you need to set aside weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to meet those expenses. We set up automatic deductions weekly, bi-weekly or monthly into special savings plans that are set up for each expense that you identify. All transfers are automatic and FREE.

With the Automatic Budgeting Program, you are in control. You control the amount and timing of each transfer and you can change or stop a transfer at any time, at no cost to you. Each account in your expense budgeting program is reported on your monthly statement. You can watch each account grow with each transfer as well as the interest you will earn on each account. You can access your account information any time through our Internet banking services at

The Automatic Budget Program gives you peace of mind because you’ve planned for your periodic expenses and you know the funds will be there when you need them. Why pay interest to credit card companies because you had to borrow money for your periodic expenses when you can earn interest with the Automatic Budgeting Program available at the Winnipeg Police Credit Union.  Call us at 204-944-1033 or email us at to get started!