Bill Payments During a Holiday

When you pay a bill through online banking, your payment is debited from your account immediately, but the funds are not sent to the biller until the following business day.  When this occurs on a holiday weekend, the payment will not be sent to the biller until the next business day.

For example, we are closed on a Monday for a holiday, and you pay a bill on the Friday before the long weekend.  The payment will be debited from your account on Friday, but the payment will not be sent to the company until Tuesday (the next business day we are open).  This is the case for all holidays.  

The receiving biller does get notification of the date you paid your bill in all cases (Friday in this example), but it is up to them to backdate your payment upon receipt if they chose to, and depending on what their policy is.  A general rule is to pay your bill at least 3-5 business days before the due date to ensure your payment is received on time and late payment charges do not accrue.  The Winnipeg Police Credit Union is not liable for payments received after your due date.